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Pozivamo vas na gostujuće predavanje Mateja Babiča, docenta na Fakulteti za informacijske študije, Novo mesto (Slovenija), pod naslovom “Traveling Salesman problem and complex network in urban transport system”. Predavanje će se održati u četvrtak, 16. siječnja 2020. u 13.15 sati na Fakultetu informatike, u dvorani Rinfo (Rovinjska 14, 1. kat), a namijenjeno je svim zainteresiranim studentima i nastavnicima. 


Commercial travelers, mailers, vans, couriers and people of similar professions do not have an easy job. Before work, they are given a list of places or places addresses to visit and return to the starting point. It is important that they visit all the places on the list and that they spend as little as possible on the visit, especially time and fuel. It turns out that choosing the right order of the places you visit is very important, as we can make the cost of the trip significantly increase by awkward selection. We can mathematically describe the problem of the merchant of the passenger as follows. A plethora of places are given C = {c1, c2 ,. . . , cn}. For every pair of sites ci, cj is known the cost of the connection from ci to cj, denoted by di, j. The merchant traveler must start the journey in one from cities, visit all other places in the list, and return to the starting point so that the total cost of the route as small as possible. The task of the merchant traveler problem is very natural we present with a graph that places the nodes of the graph. We connect each node of the graph to all the other nodes, and we assign the number to the link equals the cost of routes between cities that represent the point of connection. I will present traveling salesman problem and complex network in urban transport system in city Novo mesto, Slovenia.

I will present new hybrid system of machine learning and it´s application in urban transport system. 


Matej Babič received his Ph. D. degree in Computer Science in 2014 from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Maribor. Slovenia. He studied Mathematics at the Faculty of Education in Maribor. He concluded postdoc at Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia. At this time, he is Assistant Professor at Faculty of information studies, Novo mesto, Slovenia. His research interest is in fractal geometry, graph theory, intelligent systems, hybrid machine learning, public transport and topography of materials after hardening.

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